hi I'm Andrea, I'm 19. I would like to describe my blog but really I have no idea....idk what that is? idk what happened? Sometimes it's funny, other times it's kind of sad, most of the time it's Supernatural. If you follow me, expect to see a LOT of post about Misha Collins or Tom Hiddleston. And also Doctor Who, I like that too. But really, you could see anything, i don't even know myself! What can I say? Enjoy!



I’m only a few months away from my two year Tumblrversary, and suuuppper close to 10K followers. To celebrate all you lovely people who have put up with me for the last two years, I’m doing a huge giveaway. Also, I want to get rid of most of my fandom stuff 


-Doctor Who “Bow Ties Are Cool” t-shirt (Unisex M). 

-Supernatural seasons 1-7

-BBC Sherlock Season 2

-The Essential Supernatural Guidebook

-Where’s the Doctor? Picture book (shhh it’s cute)

-Mad Man with a Box t-shirt (Unisex M)

-Random ass Harry Potter 20 questions thing I never opened

~First Place~

Will have the option of picking one t-shirt, either Supernatural seasons 1-7 or the Guidebook, and two other items

~Second Place~

Will receive the remaining t-shirt, and two items


-You can reblog this post as many times as you would like (please tag with ‘giveaway’ so your followers can blacklist it if they choose)

-Likes do count 

-Because this is celebrating my followers, you need to be following me

-Winners will be chosen using a random number generator

-And will be chosen by May 12th, 2014 (my Tumblrversary)

-Keep your ask or submit box open

-I will ship absolutely anywhere, even if you live on Gallifrey (well… pre-Time War) or some alternate universe devoid of magic

-Please no giveaway blogs. Let’s keep it fair to everyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me




So we ask Pizza Hut to write a Black Butler Quote on our box right:


And what the fuck do we get??!?!?!


"Maybe watch a better anime"

WEll you know what Fuck You Pizza guy!!!!

you should take his advice tho